Protecting yourself after an event

An after the event (ATE) insurance policy covers claimants if they have to pay their opponent’s costs and solicitor’s disbursements incurred as a result of them bringing a legal action.

An ATE policy:

  • Removes some of the financial burden of paying opponent’s costs if your claim is unsuccessful.
  • Provides protection against the cost of unrecovered disbursements incurred during your legal action (such as expert reports costs, court charges and barristers fees).
  • Is bought when there is a need to bring a legal action.
  • Premium is paid at the end of a legal action but only when it is successful.
  • Allianz Legal Protection ATE policies are only issued by carefully selected law firms.
  • We do not sell policies to individuals, nor do we sell one off policies to law firms with whom we do not have an existing agreement.
  • Is commonly bought to cover an action for personal injury but other cases can also be covered.

Find a solicitor

To find a solicitor in England and Wales you can use the Law Society’s find a solicitor database.

When is it suitable to buy ATE insurance?

ATE policies are designed to work alongside the solicitor’s agreement with their client, such as a conditional fee agreement (CFA).

Your solicitor will normally include ATE as an option in their overall proposition and advise you about the protection it can offer.

If you decide to take out an ATE policy, it is bought at the beginning of the legal action or before a letter of claim is sent to the Defendant.

In some circumstances an ATE policy can be bought after this has happened but it is unlikely the policy can be backdated to cover costs which have already been incurred.

We do not distribute legal expenses on a direct basis.

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