Allianz Commercial policyholders with legal expenses insurance

Allianz Legal Services is an additional benefit that provides free legal and tax advice, as well as a range of free and discounted legal tools and services – supporting Allianz customers throughout their business’ journey. 

TALK Legal 

We provide a range of telephone advice lines to help customers with their legal and tax issues. Our solicitors can provide legal advice on any business related matter.

  • Allianz Lawphone – a free 24/7/365 legal advice line.
  • Free business tax advice.
  • Discounted Undisputed Debt Recovery Service – legal action for undisputed debts over £250.
  • Discounted Solicitor Employment Support – assistance with a redundancy programme or guidance on pursuing an internal disciplinary.
  • Discounted Uninsured Legal Action – for any commercial matter that’s not covered by the customer’s insurance.
  • Discounted Crisis Communication Services – providing customers with best practice and advice.


Allianz Legal Online is designed to remove the legal worry of running a business, helping customers to be compliant and avoid costly legal fees.

  • Legal Health Check – it identifies legal risks within the customer’s legal documentation based on the activities that take place within the business.
  • Access to over 140 legal templates – customers can save time and money in preparing complex legal contracts by quickly creating them online.
  • Safe storage of legal contracts – customers’ legal contracts and policies can be safely stored and edited online.
  • Easy to use law guide – written by lawyers, our guide enables customers to understand legal processes and requirements.
  • Monthly legal bulletins – customers can stay up-to-date with employment and health and safety legislation and regulation which effect their business.

Need to know more about Allianz Legal Expenses Insurance?

For further information about Allianz Legal Expenses Insurance, please talk to your insurance broker.